Matt, the main blogger round these parts is patriarch and assistant manager to a rather special family. Other members are: Eirene, patient and beautiful wife and mother to their 4 mini them. Introducing the DragonDroplets: Felix (born 1998), Jaygo (2001) Sophie (2006) and Annie Mo (2013). Augmented with a Labradinger dog (half English Springer, half Chocolate Lab).

Weekend smiles

Hurray, it’s the weekend. I have just had my hair done which means zero hair maintenance all weekend and brilliant hair, even on pyjama days. Matt is cooking lovely dishes all weekend and has said he will get up with Annie-Mo if she wakes in the night. I have nothing I need to do until Sunday except encourage Sophie to… Read more →

Schools back tomorrow

Tomorrow the children start back to school. The Christmas holidays have been and gone in a flash of tinsel and fairy dust. We have all had a lovely chilled out time with lots of food and wonderful people passing through the house. Our home has been warm and inviting thanks to our new nest thermostat. Already our 2015 calender is… Read more →

Mason glasses

Mason glasses

Here is a picture of the dragondrop family enjoying milkshakes from our new glasses. Based on the mason jar our jar/glasses have handles and lids with coloured Straws. Absolutely perfect for filling with delicious drinks and hopefully sturdy enough to withstand the the children on dishwasher duty.