Yule log

Anyone up for a party? We’re chucking another Yule Log on it. Christmas Jumpers for goal posts. . .It’s..

Brio fire

I’ve just watched Harrogate Brio’s (the town one, not Hornbeam) restaurant burn down. Working at the Harrogate International today (doing tekky stuff), glanced out and the whole area was covered with really thick white smoke. I got outside and I could hear what sounded like a fireworks display – loads of cracking and banging. I followed that and the first… Read more →

FIRE foto

Follow the link below to see the fire photo’s. Fire II Photos What a night that was. Superb. Thanks for coming and participating if you were there. We are already thinking about the next one!

last night’s outstanding event

Email just in.. I’m patiently awaiting your reply to my e-mail sent to you several days ago, I must confess to being slightly perturbed at your slow response, also after checking Dragon Drop I see no mention of last night’s outstanding event held at Bar Med or of my newly polished dance moves which i’m sure you will agree left… Read more →