Noise that’s been made on purpose.

New Amplifier

Amps. The once ubiquitous stallwart of any electrical store now seem to be on the ‘close to extinction’ list. Nowhere in Harrogate could you walk in off the street to buy a straight home entertainment audio amp.   A week or so ago, I had the notion to set up a ‘proper’ music system that we’d had gathering dust in… Read more →

FIRE half century

FIRE half century

FIRE 50 photo set on flickr What an innings. x 50 FIRE parties. Officially half centurions. I am the only person who has attended every minute of all of them (Allan nearly has, but he had to chip off early from one a few years ago as his better half went into labor – pathetic excuse if you ask me.)… Read more →

The superbosity of VOTE FIRE

The superbosity of VOTE FIRE was champion-o-rama. It was busy from the outset – a few things were happening in town but not as much competition as there has been recently – before too long our spies were reporting that FIRE was the best atmosphere / party / vibe. The stickers were rather amusing. 3 cars, 2 vans, several hundred… Read more →

Glade Festival 2009

Got back from Glade festival yesterday afternoon. Superb weekend. I’ve never seen a venue so geographically perfect for a festival as that place. A natural huge amphitheatre who’s crucible was filled with about 10 PA tents, out-door rigs, one main stage and about 100 or so side shows, bars, food joints, shops 10,000 ravers and assorted curiosities. The quality of… Read more →

Random bits of music

Knievil at the Blues bar, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. This is what the blues bar was made for. Went out for a couple of britneys and a ruby last night. Apres curry, we popped in to see a band from Leeds called Redwood Thinkers at Milans. The were very easy on the ear. Great harmonies. A bit Cranberries meets Iron… Read more →

Music party

What a weekend! Superb. After a brief meeting up at the Anima Mundi Shed to discuss things about the Newby Hall Easter openday that we’re running next weekend we headed back into town. The Theatre (yes I’m sorry for previous versions of that spelling) All Day Music Party was fantastic. We saw a few bands in the afternoon – Nuns… Read more →


Just popped home to put the boys to bed. Superb afternoon.. Can’t wait to get back there (Music Party at the Theater) This pic was Nuns Bleeding Guns on the main stage – Felix’s favorites (I love em as well ! ) Sort of The Doors meets Hawkwind.