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TIMELAPSE ANIMATION – pool side chill 2, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. I’ve uploaded a few more bits from our holiday.. (yet more to follow) We did a bunch of time lapse shoots – where you leave the camera to shoot every 15 mins (or 10 seconds) for a set period of time,then put them all together. Some results that I’m… Read more →


Happy, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Popped over to Dublin for the weekend to see relatives. Started the weekend far too early on Saturday after a bit of a heavy night out (Eirene had gone out earlier than me). I bumped into a load of friends / staff and regulars from the Blues Bar who were all going to Dublin as… Read more →


Snapped this at the supermarket the other day whilst it was still on the conveyor belt. By the time I logged onto flickr an interesting bit of banter had errupted… Marmite GUINNESS, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. paintMonkey where did you find it? is it rather nice? or is it a disgusting mixture extra thick baby bio and dehydrated beer concentrate…. Read more →

FIRE foto

Follow the link below to see the fire photo’s. Fire II Photos What a night that was. Superb. Thanks for coming and participating if you were there. We are already thinking about the next one!