3 years in Dubai, Tim Kobe

3 years in Dubai, Tim Kobe

So the other day (the 11th) marked 3 years since I’d landed in sunny Dubai. Lots has happened – and apart from the being away from relatives and friends – and obviously, the long shadow of Covid-19 has impacted so much over 2020… we’ve had a pretty good time so far. My actual emigrate-a-versary was highlighted by a talk /… Read more →

Reflection of a long spell

It’s been a while. Why am I not blogging anymore? I guess the massive change of scene we embarked on 3 years ago spun a few new things in and a few old things out. In : Dubai, CX, Corona, Out : Dragondrop.org, Experimental photography, Geocaching and music making. I need to get my extra curriculum mojo fired up again… Read more →

tiny town leeds

Tiny Town of Leeds

I recently got challenged by a dear old friend to take a b/w photo of my life for 7 days with no explanation and no people. (It was a thing doing the rounds on facebook). I decided to have some fun on one of the days and visit a place that I’d previously thought would be a good spot for… Read more →


So that””s a first. Since 2002, DragonDrop.org has posted at least one article in a calendar month; but as you can see, there””s a gap in the teeth of 2015 in the shape of April. There””s been a technical issue – which I””m trying to resolve. There””s loads of technical issues actually, but I won””t bore you with the details…. Read more →


Jaygo’s broken his radius. Apparently, according to the nurse, it’s an impressive break. He is most chuffed and can’t wait for pi to wake up in the morning and see his cast. He told Matt he had broken his circumference. Funny boy.


And so it came to pass that I got a job, working for Harrogate and Knaresborough Toy Library. Annie-mo’s very pleased as it means she gets to go to her favourite place at least once a week and play, and eat toast and paint and generally have a brilliant time whilst I run the stay and play session. Most weeks… Read more →

Mothers day

Happy Mother’s day all you lovely Mama’s and Nana’s and fairy Grandma’s out there. I hope you all had a wonderful day full of smiles and happiness. I had a lovely day, Sophie sang me a special song she had written for me, my favourite line was the one that went, “Mama mama mama mama mama mama mama mama oooooooo,… Read more →