Surprise for Matt

As a life long Paddington fan Matt has wanted to watch the new film ever since it’s Christmas release. Whilst collection g Sophie from school I overheard a parent talking about watching it this Saturday in the cinema. Our local Odeon cinema hosts a Saturday matinée showing recently released children’s films that have been dropped from normal cinema viewing but… Read more →

Breakfast at Dragondrop

Breakfast at Dragondrop

Denise,Tinanana and I this morning after a fantastic breakfast of bacon,waffles,muffins,maple syrup,coffee. My kitchen was full of eleven lovely people all eating and smiling. What a wonderful way to start the day and end a great holiday with Denise and Werner.

The Felix creature

The Felix creature

Here’s a photo of the rarely seen Felixus Teenageboyikus (often abbreviated to Felix) in a relaxed state inspecting Dada’s new smart watch. It may be many years before another moment comes to photograph this fabulous creature in his natural environment.

A lovely thing to do

I just did a lovely thing, I typed Felix and Jaygo into Google images. There are some really lovely pictures reminding me of great past times.

An exciting visitor

I have just heard that Denise, one of my best friends who lives in South Africa is coming to visit the week before my birthday. I am so excited. It’s been ages since we have seen each other. She has never met Sophie or Annie and I have never met her husband. So much time has passed. It will be… Read more →

Sunday dinner

Sunday dinner

Here is a picture of Matt carving the gammon joint he has roasted for dinner tonight. Annie is watching carefully hoping for a titbit to nibble on prior serving. Roast gammon,roast potatoes, apple sauce,gravy,savoy cabbage,carrots and Yorkshire puddings. What a lucky family we are to have such a delicious feast prepared for us to enjoy.

Annie-Mo and Elsie games

Annie-Mo and Elsie games

Annie-Mo and Elsie play a game together where Annie-Mo pats Elsie on the muzzle and Elsie pretends to bite her hand and nibbles her toes. It’s so lovely to watch them play together, like Annie is a puppy and Elsie is the mama dog. I always keep an eye on them both though as I wouldn’t want either of them… Read more →

Happy new year

Happy new year everyone. Wishing you the best 2015. I hope it’s filled with smiles, fun,joy,laughter, great health, adventure,lovely people and lots and lots of love. Sophie decided her new year’s ‘revolution’ was to give up sweets and chocolate. That was this morning, she has since reconsidered and decided instead to brush her teeth and hair everyday instead. Very wise… Read more →

*::::*::::*:::2015:::* ::: *:::*

If I wasn’t me, I’d say ‘welcome back!’ I’ve been an observer. 2013’s blog-every-day-athon could only be topped (in my mind) with not blogging any day (and figuring something new out).  One of the driving forces behind me doing this was to figure out what dragondrop was going to do next. Simple answer fail, but I’ve got some, er, concepts… Read more →

Jungle cooking

I have been thinking a lot about will power today. One definition is it directly corresponds to how much discomfort you are willing to to put up with in order to achieve a goal. I am not willing to put up with much when it comes to chocolatey, biscuity goodness. Recognising this fault in my make up has led to… Read more →

So many diets to choose from

I have been researching different diets to immerse myself in post new year. The great thing about January, is lots of other people have the same idea and magazines know that, so feature fantastic recipes that otherwise would be renegaded to faddy expensive  recipe books. Over the years I have tried different approaches to dieting. I have the breaking power… Read more →