New favourite tipple

Summery loveliness Apple juice Frozen raspberries Whizz it up in a blender Pour into champagne flute and top up with fizz. Yum.

Hula hooping,looming and swinging

Hula hooping,looming and swinging

Today we went to the Valley Gardens play park. Our inspiration was to hand out flyers advertising our friend Belinda’s ‘multi hula hooping’ class. Sophie brought her loom band kit to sell bracelets she had made and Annie enjoyed playing on the swings whilst Belinda and I chatted to the mum’s in the park.  It was a very pleasant way… Read more →

Double wedding

Double wedding

We were lucky enough to be invited to attend two weddings yesterday. Matt’s brother Martin married Charlotte in a beautiful ceremony  and afterwards we joined everyone in a lovely reception held at Charlotte’s family farm. There was a photo booth with a full box of dressing up props to play with. Annie didn’t like the donkey head sombrerro combo Felix… Read more →

School disco

School disco

Tonight was the school disco. Sophie has been preparing for the limbo section all week on the way to school. Since the rain started, overhanging branches on our daily comute have been bending lower and lower. Simply ducking to avoid them isn’t enough, Sophie has been loudly encouraging me to follow her suit and limbo underneath. ‘Limbo mama, limbo’, she… Read more →

What to wear

Whilst Annie was asleep today, I took the opportunity to prepare what I am to wear tomorrow and on Saturday. Often, with so many children running about, it’s almost impossible to find the right items of clothing, and with time of the essence on both days, a little forward planning won’t go amiss. I did feel rather strange though, as… Read more →

Toddler group

Toddler group

Annie and I joined our friends Chloe and Ozzie at Christ Church toddler group. It wasn’t too manic and Annie has a wonderful time playing in the tunnel.

Happy birthday Dad

Wishing my best Dad and the children’s best Irish Grandad a very happy birthday and a year of great health, happiness, love and laughter.

A day with the ladies

I am sat in Asda car park awaiting my click and collect shopping. Its another sunshiney day and I am looking forward to spending the day up at a friend’s house in the country. First things first though collect groceries then head home to make a tirimisu. I don’t think today’s detox will withstand this temptation.


Currently Matt and I are on a detox diet for a month. We have given up meat, dairy, caffeine and sugar, basically allow our favourite things. The children are amused and bemused. Sophie is very supportive and kind towards her parents who obviously have a screw loose to think of giving up such yummy things. Felix is ignoring the fact… Read more →

Blue skies

Hurray for blue skies today. Warm sunbeams and dappled light glinting through the trees on the way to school. Feels a little summery. Time to dig out my sunshine shoes.

Busy week

Last night I attended a governor Finance training and tonight a full governing body meeting. Both were very informative and I am glad I went, however neither concluded till after nine pm. I am so tired. After sorting out washing, dishwasher and pack lunches I am now snuggled up in bed listening to Matt reading a vegan cook book out… Read more →


Happy May day. In like a lion, be it a damp soggy lion, and out like sunshiney lamb.