Kung hei fat choy- Happy Chinese new year

This new year welcomes the arrival of the year of the wooden horse and says goodbye to the year of the water snake. People born in the year of the horse are said to be animated, active and energetic and  love being in a crowd. They are quick to learn independence and they have a straightforward and positive attitude towards life…. Read more →

White suit

I am sat outside Jaygo’ s scout hut waiting for him to finish. It’s a cold evening and there has been talk of snow ,but no fluffy white flakes yet. Most Thursdays I take advantage of the gap between dropping Jay off and collecting him to visit one of my friends. The tradition started when she was getting married. We… Read more →

Good morning Thomas

I quite like rainy days. It’s nice to have an excuse to stay inside and hibernate all warm and snuggley. Talking about hibernating, my friend’s tortoise Thomas has just awoken after 17 weeks asleep. Sophie and I brought him round some cucumber as a good morning gift. He won’t have eaten for around 25 weeks as tortoises stop eating a… Read more →

Happy Tunes day

One of my friends this morning texted me to ask about my plans further on in the week. I replied and completed my response with a happy Tuesday. She concurred and ended with,’Happy tunes day’. What a good idea, I thought. Earlier, in a fit of decluttering, I discovered my Chemical Brothers ‘Exit planet dust’, album hiding. I think I… Read more →

Happy Burns night

Happy Burns night everyone. I hope you all have caught your haggis, distilled your whiskey and are ready for some clootie pudding fun. We are.

Some recent pictures

Some recent pictures

  Annie and I out on a walk Felix and I Dada and Annie   Tinana, Belinda and I after we had been paintballing for Belinda’s birthday   Jaygo and I paintballing   Aunty Rachel, Sophie and Annie   Annie and her favourite woven ring which she loves putting on her head.

Home phrases

Whilst eating a most delicious piece of Welsh rarebit this lunch time I was lost in reverie when Sophie pulled me back to reality by commenting”you have a stringey”. “Pardon”, I spluttered. “A stringey”, she repeated pointing to the strand of cheese connecting my mouth to the melted rarebit. “Ahhh”, I said. Then thought, what a great name. I never… Read more →

Asharun Spices

It’s a beautiful winters morning in Harrogate. Syndi, Annie ,Elsie and I are out on a walk around Christ Church. As we walk we chat and inevitably the conversation turns to one of my favourite subjects, food.  Syndi is co founder of Ashuran Spices and passionate about good food and cooking. Born in Uganda of a Kenyan mother and Indian father… Read more →

Bluetooth toilet seat

My Godson is an absolute poppet and the apple of his Godmother’s eye. However he like many little boys (and some big) does have some trouble remembering to lift the seat when he uses the bathroom. Obviously this isn’t such a pleasant situation for the ladies of the house and when the time came to buy a new seat his… Read more →

Aren’t kids brilliant

I have been sat on the sofa in the front room roaring with laughter whilst Felix regaled me with funny stories from his sleep over last night. I feel so lucky that he likes to chat with me and that we can share a laugh together. It’s such a lovely feeling being able to laugh with your children. Its also… Read more →

White knights

White knights

Did you know that NHS transport shuts down at 4 pm mon-fri and doesn’t operate at the weekend?  This means, that in the evening and at weekends hospitals need to make alternative provision for items that need to be transported immediately. In many cases the alternative provision is to use a taxi. With taxi rates around £2 per mile and… Read more →

Waiting around

I am having a waiting around sort of day. The washing machine is on the blink so I am waiting around in case the washing machine man can come today if not it will be tomorrow. It’s the first week back after the holidays and he is very busy. I don’t mind too much. A day without having to hang… Read more →