Operation varnish

Part one of operation varnish the kitchen floor has been completed. All I need to do now is hope it dries nicely before morning and the section on the instructions saying ‘no heavy traffic for seven days’ doesn’t apply, if you cross your fingers and think really hard,’it will all be ok’.


Annie-Mo is growing more and more confident in her ability to walk. Often she will totter a few steps with us around applauding, however I did catch her today tottering across the front room  before collapsing on the sofa as if to say, ‘thank goodness that was hard work’.

Picnic in the sun

Picnic in the sun

Today we brought a picnic to our beautiful Nanty Nina’s house to eat in her field. The sun shone and everyone had a lovely time. Afterwards we visited the new M&S on Leeds road. It was just like the one in town but noisier and with parking. Within two minutes of entering the shop with Annie and Pi, I was… Read more →

Smiley Mo

Smiley Mo

Annie-Mo smiling by the pretty flowers in Sophie’s Godmother’s garden.

Peaceful house

Annie is in bed and I have run out of sandpaper. As I can no longer sand the kitchen floor I decided to have an evening of relaxing and reading ‘The cat’s cradle’ by Kurt Vonnegut. I am really enjoying the book so far. Elsie and I are currently snuggled up on the sofa and the house is very peaceful… Read more →

Not the most peaceful Friday departure

It was the school fair today, a chaotic, busy, exhausting affair that parents endure twice a year because their children love it. Luckily I had a ‘get out of jail’ early card in the form of needing to get home by four o’clock to ensure the boys had packed, eaten and departed to camp on time. Having given strict orders… Read more →