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The Lost City

The Lost City by Henry Shukman Racing through Liverpool airport recently (on route to Barcelona) with not much time to spare and a notion to score me a new book I spotted this gem (I say gem, because it had a very metallic cover – I’ve always been a big believer in judging a book, by it’s cover). A wonderful… Read more →

Mister Pip

Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones. I’m very fond of a book that takes you to a different place. The book itself is set in Bougainville (map) in the North Solomons (pics) a lush tropical island on the other side of the world from the cold coat of winter in the UK. A magnificent thing about this book is it’s use… Read more →

Big nowt

Big Nothing indeed. I’ve been a big fan of the Simon Pegg’s work for years now. It’s the first thing I’ve seen with him in that I’ve not liked. It seems that he’s got a natural gravitation to all things good (or perhaps it’s the other way round). In the late 90’s he was in the cult classics, ‘Spaced’ and… Read more →

Catcher in the Rye

Just finished reading The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. A random purchase, purely on the back of needing a new book, and it was the only one that ASDA had that appealed at the time. I quite like the idea of reading ‘classics’ every now and then.I had no pre fixed expectations of this book, I knew nothing… Read more →

Half of a Yellow Sun

Just finished reading Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. A superb novel. This won the 2007 Orange prize for fiction. It’s the second book I’ve read that holds this titled (the other being Small Island) Half of a Yellow sun is set in Nigeria in the 1960’s. A volatile period of African history. As well as enjoying… Read more →

In Rainbows

It must be hard being as consistently original and cool as Radiohead are. Their new album, called ‘In Rainbows‘ released today, is the latest in a line of very unique pop. It’s a classic of tomorrow in the true sense of the word. Radiohead could, on the back of their huge, loyal yet fiercely underground fan base release an album… Read more →

Bottled Lager review

The (first) DragonDrop Bottled Lager review. conducted 23rd Sept 2007 Judges : Matt W, Steve T. NB: We acknowledge that this is by no means exhaustive research See our research here Conclusion / Result summary : Conclusion / Result summary : 1 – Leffe blonde2 – Herold 3 – Cusquena Whilst Leffe blonde was the overall winner, we decided that… Read more →


THIS is the future. Check out this ‘Jaw Dropping’ demo of Seadragon and Photosynth Thanks to CMK for the heads up on this. Sat at work way early. Planned to get in for 7. Due to the A59 being blocked, thanks to a landslide I’ve had to pick out a new route. My new route via (sort of) West End… Read more →

Water For Elephants

I’ve just finished a truly memorable, superb, could not put down page turner of a book. One of those few and far between books that you really don’t want to end. Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen beautifully unfolds a story of 1930’s touring circus life in the 1930’s. Hundreds of people strong, the travelling community moved by train, setting… Read more →

no title

Finished reading Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami (translated into English form Japanese) this morning. Like “Norwegian Wood” – one of the things I liked about Kafka on the Shore was the character development. Kafka on the Shore is an incredible story, perhaps the sort of plot that if you saw it in a film you would have an… Read more →


Just popped home to put the boys to bed. Superb afternoon.. Can’t wait to get back there (Music Party at the Theater) This pic was Nuns Bleeding Guns on the main stage – Felix’s favorites (I love em as well ! ) Sort of The Doors meets Hawkwind.