Several years into keeping this blog, Matt noticed pattern. Annual repetition, largely governed by natural seasonal events or advents within. A commentary of sorts.


A busy year. I’ve done more miles in the sky than any other year of my life. This year has had it’s ups and downs but on the whole, it’s been a heck of an adventure. We’ve lost some people (Eddie being the hardest blow for us) and we’ve gained some people. A few births, a few new friendships. I’ve… Read more →

Adventure Clocks

I’ve just completed my first ‘proper full week’ – Monday to Friday – at work since mid March. Got a new desk near a big window. Super happy. My professional life feels like it’s going through a bit of a level up which is good. I’ve done a bit of public speaking on stuff I’m passionate about (at Leeds digital… Read more →

Huh! It works!

Huh! It works!

Here’s a picture of me and my dog, kindly face – swapped, by a colleague at work who’s puts his high-end photoshop skills to good use both professionally, and for comedy value. Seeing this on here is awesome-sauce. Amaze-balls. DragonDrop is fixed. Sort of. I had a stinker of an issue where the media and images were not working. I… Read more →


I””m in the back yard. I””ve just been handed a smoothie.. Wondering what I”m going to do with this here website. Back in the day when I was on a one man crusade to get everyone blogging, I used to say stuff like “don””””t think, just write”. I used to have people saying – oh but my life is so… Read more →

365 Project - COMPLETE

365 Project – COMPLETE

364.5 Days ago I launched a project to blog every day throughout 2013. Publishing this very post will complete that project. By way of something to write about today, I thought I’d surface some of my fave moments, and (going by view stats) some of yours. It’s been a remarkable year. Some of it I knew was coming – the… Read more →

(worky) Year End

Even thought I’ve still got a few days to go, today was the last ‘normal’ day of work for me in ’till after the Christmas break. Everyone starts to disappear from now on. It’ll be a time for mainly odd jobbery – hopefully some of those bits that get pushed to the bottom of the list O’Clock. There’s an air of conclusion… Read more →