Adventure Shirts

Wearers of the DragonDrop Adventure Shirt should stand in front of something cool, somewhere cool, have their photo taken and send it to this website for use in the DragonDrop Adventure Club Gallery.

Toronto DragonDrop Adventure

Toronto DragonDrop Adventure

John, aka ‘Bampa’ has just submitted this photo for the DragonDrop Adventure T-Shirt Gallery. Two first; 1./ the first DD shirt shot from Canada, 2./ The first time a DD shirt has ever been worn tucked in. You can see the CN Tower in the background. He apologised for it being out of focus – poorly camera.

Conor at CERN

Conor at CERN

Conor at the door to The Large Hadron Collider, CERN, Geneva March 2011 Man of science, good friend of DragonDrop Conor visited CERN and took a DragonDrop Adventure T with him. This is him stood outside the door to The Large Hadron Collider (LHC). That blue box in the background is THE Iris scanner that inspired Dan Brown in his book… Read more →

New Adventure Shirt Shot

2010 was quite a ‘slow’ year on the DragonDrop Adventure Shirt shot submissions front – hoping to get some more soon –  3 VERY exciting early 2011 planned adventures have recently been brought to my attention though. New T-Shirts, currently being dispatched accordingly. If you’ve got an adventure planned – let me know – you may be eligible for a free T-Shirt!… Read more →

I’m sure I squeezed an extra day out of that weekend.

After collecting my new DragonDrop shirts and kitting the boys out in the all new 12yr old edition , we headed off to a lovely garden at a friends mum’s house in Ripon to celebrate their boys birthday. The best gift was a massive cardboard box which kept all the kids amused for hours. Following the rather splendid garden birthday… Read more →

Soleli Desert

Good friends of DragonDrop, Ali and Marcus have gone deep into jungles, high up on glaciers and far into deserts as they continue their way through South Amierica. Anyone who knows them and wants an update – get in touch! Here we see them in Soleli Desert, Bolivia.. NICE T-Shirt! That’ll be going in the gallery.

Deepest darkest Peru

Ali and Marcus have got to Peru! They sound like they are having a superb adventure (apart from getting caught up in a riot and getting pepper sprayed). Here we see Ali sporting a fantastic DragonDrop Adventure T-Shirt at what has got to be one of the most famous views in the world.. looking down onto Machu Picchu.


Had an email from Ali who’s taken a DragonDrop Adventure T Shirt with her on her and Marcus’s big trip round the world. They are currently in South America – .I’m thinking of doing a ‘Ali Special’ Page in the Adventure Shirt section.. but for now, here’s a couple of my favorites so far: “At the Sanctuary – QOOYLLORITY, quispicanchi… Read more →


So there’s one that I’ve missed in between the photos below and one that comes after these (from Kenya – looking forward to seeing that) Getting some more DragonDrop Adventure Shirt made up soon – if anyone’s going on a worthy / cool / funny / exciting / big / bogus adventure, let me know:) You may get a free… Read more →

Tim in Germany

Then there’s this one of Tim. He was on tour with FWF round YouRope. He’s in Leipzig Germany here stood in from of something that was “bloody big” and “at night”. This man put the poop in Europe.

Dan in Bangkok

DSC_00350001, originally uploaded by Ashen. Then there’s Ashen at Wat Arun in Bangkok. That pointy pyramid shape they have going on is incredible – so much so, it’s moved the person in the background to give one a big cuddle.

Shirt flurry

A flurry of DragonDrop adventure shirt shot submissions! Cambodia, Hong Kong, Malasia and Korea. Good adventuring! Thanks Jamie, Nick and Sarah for sending those in. That’s now 33 dots on the map… Where next I wonder..