Christmas kick-off

Christmas kick-off

There’s always the rhetoric around this time of year that Christmas has lost its magic and that it has gotten far too commercial for its own good. I must admit, that compared to when I was a kid (and Christmas was the best word in the world), the first thing I think of these days, is an increased to-do list and a decreased bank… Read more →

Football and fish fingers

At my mate Henry’s house – got the afternoon off work.  Watching Argentina v South Korea – currently 2-1 to the Americans.  Henry, who’s just decided he’s a vegetarian who’s now allowed to eat fish because Dean Karnazes says it’s OK has just brought me a fish finger sandwich. He’s a big fan of them now after a decade in… Read more →

google world cup funny

Word Cup

Apparently, there’s a football world cup starting soon. Quite like this funny that good did.. do a search for ‘World Cup’ in google and scroll down to the bottom.