A lab, a workbench and look-out post. A documentation of Matt’s observational and experimental forays into the avoidance of doing himself any lasting damage with technology.

Guttenberg Editor

Guttenberg Editor

I’m trying out a new wordpress editor. It’s a beta – set to replace the boiled in wordpress editor. The output (the bit you are reading now) will not look any different (in theory) but my writing experience is different. First impressions – it’s clean, it’s intuitive, it’s more like some of the other CMS type editors I’ve used (Squarespace,… Read more →

365 Project - COMPLETE

365 Project – COMPLETE

364.5 Days ago I launched a project to blog every day throughout 2013. Publishing this very post will complete that project. By way of something to write about today, I thought I’d surface some of my fave moments, and (going by view stats) some of yours. It’s been a remarkable year. Some of it I knew was coming – the… Read more →