A lab, a workbench and look-out post. A documentation of Matt’s observational and experimental forays into the avoidance of doing himself any lasting damage with technology.

Site hacked?

Mysterious things afoot. It looks like dragondrop has been hacked – some of the links around the site lead off to other websites. If you are a hacker attacking not for profit blogs like this, you should be ashamed of yourself. I’ve now got to spend precious family time trying to figure out what the problem is and how to… Read more →

365 Project - COMPLETE

365 Project – COMPLETE

364.5 Days ago I launched a project to blog every day throughout 2013. Publishing this very post will complete that project. By way of something to write about today, I thought I’d surface some of my fave moments, and (going by view stats) some of yours. It’s been a remarkable year. Some of it I knew was coming – the… Read more →

A curious thing that I went and had a look at

A curious thing that I went and had a look at

Whilst researching a geocache this morning, I spotted a strange looking thing on a Google satellite view – near Stonefall Park / Stonefall Cemetery. The thing that caught my eye was a concentric circle pattern that looked like rippling water… (Here’s a link to the Google map page) After Elsie (a dog) and I had successfully completed our geocache jaunt,… Read more →