A lab, a workbench and look-out post. A documentation of Matt’s observational and experimental forays into the avoidance of doing himself any lasting damage with technology.


Since Christmas, nearly all of my downtime has been in the company of one of these – an Amazon Kindle. A few people I’ve spoken too have seen the kindle as a threat to ‘the book’. Perhaps it is.  Would that be the end of the world if the organic, tree ware book were to become as one with the… Read more →

Can you draw the internet?

Can you draw the internet?

Saint London are asking the question – Can you draw the internet? They’ve crafted an experiment in the form of a website where they are trying to work out who the more imaginative is – the creative industry or a bunch of 10 years olds. I thought I’d give it a go and here’s what I came up with: Have… Read more →



These a very cool if not utterly uncool in a sad geek way (a stigma I’ve learned to live with). I don’t care. I want one. If I wear it all day something worthwhile is bound to happens – where upon I’ll hit a button and it saves the last 30 seconds. The (so far) ultimate avoidance of the “I… Read more →

New Amplifier

Amps. The once ubiquitous stallwart of any electrical store now seem to be on the ‘close to extinction’ list. Nowhere in Harrogate could you walk in off the street to buy a straight home entertainment audio amp.   A week or so ago, I had the notion to set up a ‘proper’ music system that we’d had gathering dust in… Read more →

Site / Server status:recovery mode

After a worst case scenario of everything going wrong at the same time triggering an even worse case scenario domino effect,, wounded and limping is now on the road to adventure recovery.

I heart satnav

I love Sat Nav. Some of the die hard map readers say it’s killing the age old art of reading maps and/or studying the land as a result. I say it opens up more doors and when used in combination with a paper map (for the bigger picture) you can do some tip top, grade A adventurising. Another bonus is… Read more →

Field blogging

I'm sat here trying out my Christmas prezzy : a wireless bluetooth keyboard for my phone. It's ace. Blogging from the field. Hopefully there should be a photo with this post featuring the boys with a few of their toys they got. Jaygo has got a blue mouth because Santa in his wisdom got Jay some joke 'blue mouth sweets'… Read more →


THIS is the future. Check out this ‘Jaw Dropping’ demo of Seadragon and Photosynth Thanks to CMK for the heads up on this. Sat at work way early. Planned to get in for 7. Due to the A59 being blocked, thanks to a landslide I’ve had to pick out a new route. My new route via (sort of) West End… Read more →