FIRE is a once in a while party, founded in 2003 has 50+ events under it’s belt.

Tech house electro global dance underground funk breaks  beats bootlegs  & mayhem tech house electro global dance underground funk breaks  beats bootlegs  & mayhem – Chuck another log on it!



What’s it like then?

This video goes some way to describing where we’re coming from as it were…

FIRE – the first 3 years

The music – DJ’s accompanied by live percussion and other live instruments is dance based, often underground and experimental, with a raw live edge. FIRE constantly strives to do something different every event. Drawing influences form a a verity of sources, including global, jazz, IDM, house, techno, breaks and funk, FIRE is as passionate about the audio quality as it is the audio content and utlilises the very latest in audio production and PA technology to get the biggest, cleanest and best sound possible.

The visual side to FIRE is another main draw. Live performances with fire staff, fire poi and fire breathing shows throughout the night outside whilst inside, Multi Media, lighting and AV sets adorn the wall spaces while day poi (indoor poi) acts join the live musicians.

Don’t just take our word for it…

I grew up in Hgte before leaving about 6 years ago… The Fire night on Boxing Day was easily the best thing I’ve ever been to in Hgte and holds it’s own against anything you’d see in a bigger city… honestly it was phucking awesome. Keep giving the people what they want – good diverse music and no attitude or pretence.
Paul E

“By Harrogate standards it’s an amazing night and I suspect it’s pretty damn special compared to Leeds and most other cities, too” Graham Chalmers of Gig Scene

“Top night guys. I really take my hat off to you for putting on such a show.Nothing like it in this part of the world.” Anna L

“for my first Fire night experience, 10 out of 10 and i think i will be definately going againg!nice one! see you all soon!
Fi and Ben

“I had to queue to get in, but it’s the most enjoyable queue I’ve ever stood in in my life”
Anon,  – queue entertainment (fire acts) by the whirly girls.


“Sunday nite was the long awaited Fire VII, was it good… no. It was amasing as per usual!”

“It was the best night I have had there by far. The atmosphere was so clean and happy you could almost put it in a bottle. I pitty those that missed out. I really do.” Adz –

“Fire was the best club night out I’ve ever had in Harrogate ”
Simon, Blues Bar Landlord

Pre 2010 FIRE PHOTOS» 

Roots of Fire

Fire was founded by Al Smyth (Beach 23 / Allan Smyth Audio Visual / CloudBass), Matt Watson (Matt Da Conga / DragonDrop/Jaylix Productions Ltd.), and Dean Dyble (Johnnie Fredericks / Bar Med) in October 2003 after an earlier incarnation called “The Sunday Sessions”. Fire originated in Bar Med Harrogate’s VIP Lounge, progressed to the whole club at Bar Med. After the closure of Bar Med, FIRE has played at every suitable venue in Harrogate including BRB Revolution, Native State, Club XS, and Katana and Rehab. As well as Harrogate, FIRE has play at two venues in Leeds and a in 2008 played at Lime Tree Festival and in 2009, DragonGate Festival.

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