Tuesday, April 22nd, 2003
(6:52pm) Matt Watson
So we found this fire bin - well Eirene did really and thought it would be a good bin for the front room. So - one night we had a BBQ and a few beers. When it started to get dark, instinct told us to light fire. Got the 'bin' from the front room and made a fire in it. Superb design. Since then, we took it to Mark garden party and build a fire again. Also shots of random stuff, Leeds and Mark's birthday garden party.

BBQ starter BBQ cam flames dancing fire burning
hungry sitter Andy handy Anna and Dodge Andy
Felix and Jay, garden wall C standing C and Misty Purrrr.
Fire bin ROAR Fire bin holes Bin burning
calming down sleepy fire more fuel table in park
river in Leeds Random in Leeds Street in Leeds Random walkers
Down Up Shop blur Pub blur
Park life Felix top head Felix swing grin by the pool
in my face Dave D recline Andy Squat Last sezza photo
Felix sign Dave on phone, Felix on pole Flowers for me Trapped brothers
corona pub blur more pub blur darkened pub
dull shot wooden dragon incense holder tom thumb
random sign it's location nice stonemasonry Matty Jacobs
Felix in my coat Sarah Les Bongo
Felix on phone Sunset at crimple Eirene cyber goth look
more fire Dave the fireman Marks garden at dusk
the red lion car the fun at the red lion Jaygo in cargo net #1 Jaygo in cargo net #2
Felix and Jay Driving #1 Felix and Jay Driving #2 Felix and Jay Driving #3 Unknown
Dave and Holly Muso's Sleep Wake up bloke The boys and a Frisbee
Dag the Dog Rick, Funny man Dave - fop hat Sunny afternoon
Most water the plants IS this for me ? Drink it all That was nice
Felix's bee Up close bee foam on head right larf
there ? torso Boules Holly
Sitting in the sun Head design Arrow tastico Escaping Jay
Mum Mum and Jay Mum and John My PC at work
Fire Anim

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