Monday, Febuary 19th, 2003
(6:23pm) Matt Watson

The title - Moo, is due to the new cow print rain coat I got Felix. Jaygo to massive pleasure in wearing it on Saturday thought. He did look proud of himself. AS well as that, there is some inner city urban sprawl, some bored in traffic shots, and some Valentines meal, and Eirene's birthday shots.


me asleep

finally get a shot of Da Honk.

sun set

Smethwick. Burnt things.

road rage


A road

under spaghetti

part of spaghetti

this reg had my initials

Felix on a van roof.

Jaygo in the sunlight

Part shadow

a light above

Wellington stairs

view from Wellington house

view 2

circle bar, Harrogate

Eirene pre haircut

Eirene's rings


Fellow diners

The wrecked corner

my foot in wrecked corner

Eirene getting ready

Da Maria

Eirene silhouette

our bedroom door


happy cow

tina, Simon and Caroline

Simon and Caroline



The boys


Chat with Felix

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