Adventure Club : 2002 – 2006

These are the Adventure Shirt Shots from 2002 – 2006. 
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Jaygo, Millenium DRAGON Tree, Tenerife
Dec 2005

Ashen, Prague, Dec 2005

Simon , Egypt,
Oct 2005

Austin and a Pirate , Nr Whitby, The North Sea
May 2005

Ickle, Chaing mai, Thailand
August 2004

Matt, The most westerly point in Europe, Dingle Peninsular, County Kerry, Ireland
August 2004

Mark, Bunaken , North Sulawesi
Indonesia August 2004

Dave, Middle Earth , New Zealand
July 2004

Adz, Penny Lane, Liverpool,
May 2004

Simon, Brussels April 2004
May 2004

Alicia with India’s longest tash, Pushka
Jan 2004

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Daren, Venice
Oct 2003

Simon, Kekova, Turkey Oct 2003


Eirene, Mumbai (Bombay, India) Oct, 2003

Matt, Goa, Oct 2003

Roger, Samathoraki
September 2003

Roger, Big Chill
August 2003

Simon, Cuba
July 2003

Fionn, Squaw Valley, North California

Fionn, Lombard Street, San Francisco
Feb 2003

Ickle, Thailand
March 2002

Matt, Amsterdam
Oct 2002

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